Thursday, 21 February 2013

World 3 Sexiest Hacker

The term HACKER was given John Mash [A Mathematician]. For the first time technology hack discovered in 1972. Around the world Hackers have stolen $1 Trillion in Intellectual property

Hacker is cleaver programmer, he/she interested in breaking computer system by using their skills. Hacking group increasing day by day.

3 World Sexiest Hacker

 Kristina Svechinskaya

Kristina Vladimirovna Svechinskaya born in February 16-1989. She is a Russian Hacker. Studied in Stavropol University. She used Malware and Trojans to steal $35,000 Million from US bank Accounts & used multiple fake passports, Kristina Svechinskaya arrested in 2010 and released under bail. Kristina dubbed as a "World Sexiest Computer Hacker".

 Anna Chapman

Anna Chapman born in February 23-1982, In June 27th 2010 she was arrested due to working on Illegals program, And she was deported back to Russia on 8th July 2010. In 2011 she hosted a TV show and then In 2012 June 8th she caught on Fashion show in Turkey.

 Joanna Rutkowska

Joanna Rutkowska is security expert and security researcher. And CEO of . She is focusing on System level security . She is one of the hacker who Put a Mark on 2006 by eWeek magazine for her research on the topic.

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