Friday, 1 February 2013

Review Report on Google Drive.

Google Drive

Hello World.
Here I am agin with something new update regarding this cyber world.
        When ever we think about what Internet means? The first picture that comes to our mind is the logo of "google".

So our Google bring a new feature which help us in maintaining our very important files, EXE files pics and all other stuffs on internet with "Google Drive".
Its very easy to learn and use.

Features :-

1. 5 GB of free storage. ( You can extended it by paying as per ur choice )
2. Fast synchronizing speed
3. User friendly with all windows environment
4. Very small size and takes just a couple of minutes to downloaded and install Google drive to your system.
5. You can access it when ever you want. (offline mode enabled)
6. get all the features listin the left hand side of ur google drive.
7. Most common and useful feature, As this is a Google product you don't need to do any extra sign up for using it. Simple y, sign in with Ur G mail account.


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