Thursday, 28 February 2013

Primez Roll Flooder v1

 Primez Roll Flooder v1 (Free)

* Unlimited ID
* 1 set
* Load set from any location of your computer
* Load flood text from notepad
any location of your computer 
* Load, Login , Error id count
* Relog Error
* Group Joiner ( put lobby number a
nd click join )

*1st roll ( ID enter left )
* Enter Text Left Roll
* Same Text Brutal Roll
* Random Text Brutal Roll ( you need to load your flood text file )
* Interval/delay ( 4000/0.4 for send shower gift 1 by 1 )
For other information pvt or add us :  sms91  or raihan-ctg
To download click here : P.R.F v1


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