Saturday, 16 February 2013

Photoscape - make photo editing easier [ latest version ]

Helo All Computer stuffs Lovers, Today i am going to sharing a very much useful and interesting stuff for those who love editing photos but don't have time to learn editing on Photoshop [ best photo editor tool for professionals ] or we can say don't want to gave so much time just for editing a simple photo on their PC.

So thier is a soultion for u gys. Try " Photoscape " this is not best but very much helpfull for all beginers and it covers all the basic designs and formate which is very much required to edit a photo.

The Most interesting feature is that it is very much easy to learn.

go to the link download it and enjoy..

Features :-

Recent changes

  • Supports 34 languages
  • Added Clone Stamp (Editor -> Tools Tab) video
  • Added Paint Brush (Editor -> Tools Tab)
  • Added Color Picker (Editor -> Tools Tab & Object Tab)
  • Improved Mosaic Filter: Mosaic pixel size selectable (Editor -> Tools Tab)
  • Changed Editor -> Region tab name from 'Region' to 'Tools'.
  • Added 'Print Button' to Viewer and Editor.
  • Added 59 travel icons, 7 face icons and 6 makeup icons.
  • Photo Development Service with FOTO.COM (EU Only)
  • At combine, the first photo's EXIF information would be saved.
  • Photo viewer shows photos in regular sequence (a1, a10, a2, a3 -> a1, a2, a3, a10)
  • Run 'Raw Converter' automatically when you drag & drop at the Photoscape welcome screen.
  • Support Windows Vista, Windows 7.
  • Support Multiuser Sessions.
  • Stop supporting Window 95, 98 and Me. (If you are a user of Windows 98 or Me, please use Photoscape 3.4)
  • Fixed minor bugs.

 Direct Downloading Link :

Source : photoscape


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