Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Keyboard Shortcuts For VLC Media Player

Now these days I am watching lots of movies that's why I am posting about VLC. Many people use this for watching movies, but some of them knows shortcut of this media player. Today I am posting full list of VLC shortcuts, I call it Time Saving Shortcuts.

  1. Z - Zoom mode 
  2. F - Full screen
  3. V - Subtitle Cycle
  4. M - Mute 
  5. Ctrl+Up/Down - To Increase and decrease volume 
  6. Ctrl+Q - To Exit from VLC 
  7. Ctrl+Right/Left - To Skip a 1 minute in the Audio/Video 
  8. Ctrl+Alt+Right and Ctrl+Alt+Left - To Skip a 5 Second in the Audio/Video
  9. T - To Check Remaining time in a Video
  10. S - To stop a video or audio.
  11. Space - To play or pause


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