Saturday, 2 February 2013

Creating time zone on windows 7 [ Trick ]

TIme warp

Let's get started ...
Quick! What time is it in Abu Dhabi right now? How about London, Moscow, or Beijing? Even if you could memorize the time zones, good luck keeping up with the changes in Daylight Saving Time.
Normally, that doesn't matter, but if you have friends, family, or co-workers in a distant time zone, knowing the exact time can help you coordinate times for phone calls or online conferences.
For a foolproof solution, make this small tweak to the Windows 7 clock. Click the time at the right side of the taskbar and then click Change Date And Time Settings. On the Additional Clocks tab, you can define one or two extra clocks, each with a time zone and a custom label of your choosing.
After you get things set up, click the time to see your custom clocks. The big one is local time, and the ones next to it are your custom additions.


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