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Telnet- Basic Comands

Hello Friends,

I thought We need to discuss about what tell net means and how must be used it for our own purpose.

First of all we should know what is the real meaning of   "Telnet".

It is the simple text based program which you use to connect through different Personal computers over internet. You can access telnet through "Command Prompt". Through this you can use different services and that remote control devices through internet via Telnet.

How to open telnet ?

Its very easy to open telnet.
start> run > cmd
 After this you got the telnet window.

   Basic Features of Telnet :-  

  • Send mail
  • Download Source Code From Website
  • Send unexpectd input to webserver and get some amazing output
  • Gave and receive command to the host computer and server through internet.   

Command List                                                       Features
  1. open or o                            - It help to open the host Computer or remote server.
  2. close or c                            - It help to Close the established telnet connection.
  3. display                                - Display the current setting of telnet client and also gave option to edit it.
  4. quit or q                              - Exit from telnet
  5. set                                      - It set the terminal type of connection, Like- Local Eco, Ntml,Escape Character and Set Up login. ( We discuss it in our next post in more detail )
  6. unset                                  - Turn off local echo and other settings.
  7. status                                 - It show the current status of telnet and its connectivity information.
  8. ctrl +]                                - Move the telnet CMD from a connected session. 
  9. enter                                  - Go to the connected session if it exist.
  10. ?/help                                - View all help information.

    [Command Source:]

    Sometime Telnet is not installed in your Windows. To enable it check Our this post.

    Hope You like this post.

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