Friday, 12 April 2013

Counter Strick- Usefull Tricks

Hello dear mates, Today i m going to share something about gaming.

Counter Strick the one of the most popular multilayer game. It leads to gave a new experience and thrill about gaming. I want to share my statics about this game with you all,

Try These Console Command when you started the Cs game.

When You open The Game press >> " ~" << then type these comands in it.

  • cl_dynamiccrosshair 0
  • cl_forwadspeed 999
  • cl_slidespeed 999
  • fps_max 101
  • net_graph 3
  • rate 25000
  • hud_fastswitch 1
  • cl_updaterate 70
  • cl_cmdrate 70
  • cl_dynamiccrosshir 0
And after this go to the option menu and change the setting as shown below --

Here You have to chose first Video Option.

Rendere- D3D
Resolution- 800X600
Display Mode- Normal
Color Quality- Medium(16 Bit)

Go To The Mouse Option And Change Its Speed to-


thats IT !! go n restart Your Cs and feel the thrill With IT!

Personaly my own performance has been enchanced by it very much, Hope you all enjoy it.

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