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UDA- Unlimited Devlopment Application [Source:]

 Today I am surffing on net and got a realy intresting clint for all newbie, who are very much intrested in devloping plat form and also they are intrested in finding out the solution for resting their aneroid phone password.


What is UDA or Unlimited Devlopment Application ?

  • Unattended OS installations (Windows, Linux, ESX, Solaris) over the network set-up in minutes!
  • Publish your favorite recovery/system maintenance tools over the network!
  • PXE Booting, Remote Installation Services, Kickstart, Jumpstart, Autoyast in a box! 
When would you use this?
  • When you are trying to install a system that doesn't have a CDROM drive, but does have a network card (these days ultra-thin laptops and such don't have an optical drive)
  • When you have to install an operating system on different pieces of hardware.
  • When you have to install systems and want things to go automated and reproducible.
  • When you go to your friends house to fix his/her computer you want to be prepared. Instead of removing all that unwanted stuff you might as well start fresh. Bring your own system (laptop?), hook it up to the messed up system with a cross-cable and start re-install the system from scratch fully unattended. Head for the fridge...
  • When you need to do maintenance on your system without the need to carry around a stack of live CD's.
  • When you want to do this without paying lots of money for commercial products.
How Does it work?

  • Unattended Install The appliance mounts an iso file with a distribution of you favorite operating system and imports the necessary (network) boot-files. It creates a default configuration file for your automated installation and starts hosting the operating system distribution files for network booting.
  • System Tool Publishing Live CD's and other tools are imported entirely to the Ultimate Deployment appliance and are published for booting over the network trough PXE.



Downlod It From Here :

UDA Version 2.0

FileMD5 SUMSize 352e7362fdf75f2cb250aa7c2ebbf61c 178 Mb
Release Notes Build 17 6ac5a959549d78f1c21bf2e22fe27047 2K

Please let us know what you think on the forum!

Windows 7 support (beta)

Here's my latest development work: Windows 7 support. It's an update patch on build 17 and can be uploaded through the web interface Through System -> Upgrade. It is in beta yet so you do want to make a snapshot before you add it to your active UDA. Or better yet: create a new fresh uda and try it out there! Remember: there may not be an upgrade path to the final version of Windows 7 support.

FileMD5 SUMSize
uda-2.0.19.beta.tgz 31039ee55692258c104c4daf6ab8325d 38K


Features Of UDA -

New Features in UDA 2.0

  • ESX4/ESX41 Support
    Thanks to Mike Laverick!

  • Solaris Sparc Support
    Thanks to Bevan Brown and his team for sending in the solaris sparc details.

  • Based on Centos 5.3
    The UDA is now based on an enterprise ready Linux distribution.

  • First Boot Wizard
    Turn on the appliance and it will run a wizard that lets you configure the UDA before it tries to access the network.

  • Improved User Interface
    Well, that's personal of course, just check it out and let me know what you think!

  • Operating System Flavors
    You can now add as many operating system flavors as you want. Many people on the forums asked about how to get e.g. Windows XP Home and Windows XP Professional on the UDA at the same time. It was possible by changing/remounting the ISO files and some manual fiddling, but now you can add as many as you like.

  • Subtemplates
    You can now specify a list of variables and values and use them all within the same template. You will not have to add a new template for every new system anymore. (You'll need documentation to use this, but that is not ready yet :-)

  • PXE password
    If you are using the UDA in an environment where you do not want all users to have access to the templates using PXE boot, you can use a menu password.

  • Mounting 256 ISO files
    On the forums we've seen people having troube with a 'no free loop devices' error. This was caused by the UDA not having enough reservations for mounting ISO's. You can now mount up to 256 iso files at the same time.

  • Add VMWare Tools from the web-interface
    Tell the UDA where your linux.iso file is containing the vmware tools and it will install them for you.

  • Manual Configuration
    Lots of people were creating their own additions for bootable floppies over PXE. Good stuff that would break when the UDA regenerated the boot menu. Now you can manage your manual configuration from within the web-interface (and they will stay on the menu :-).

  • Easily extend diskspace
    Extend the space for the local storage or the UDA system volume by adding as many virtual disks as you like. Use the webinterface to activate the new disks

  • Use the CDROM station(s) in the UDA virtual machine
    You can now add a cdrom drive to the UDA virtual machine and it will detect it.

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