Sunday, 14 April 2013

Add Your Friends to Facebook Group- Fully Working

 We always feel bore in adding friends in our group on Facebook by adding them one by one. I am just sharing this one a fully working method for adding all your friends on your group in just a one click.

This is a simple tutorial for Godzilla Firefox user to add all your Facebook friends to Your group .

1st step :
Download Greasemonkey addon for Firefox
Install it.

2nd step :
Download Friends Adding Script
Now Right Click On 164295.user.js File > Open With > Mozila Firefox
Or Just Put this File on Firefoxadd to fb group
Click Install
add to fb group 1
Click Ok

add to fb group 2
check the above Picture . you will get a Monkey symbol Right side of your Mozila Firefox. Check Add all Friends to Group
Now go to your Group address & you will get a New Option Add all Friends like below
add to fb group 3
You will get a new popup window. Please wait until finish the process :)

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