Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Admin Suit v1.7 by rezwan-2

  • Auto Group ban
  • Auto Kick
  • Messenger Type chat
  • Unlimited Emotion
  • Photo share
  • Unlimited Room
  • Unlimited Private Chat
  • Unlimited Group Chat
  • Auto Clear Chat
  • Ban Fast Roll In Group Linked Room
  • Unlimited Anti Series Ban Unban
  • Flood Scan and kick
  • Bad word Kick
  • Low level ID Kick/Ban
  • Series Kick/ban
  • Random Kick/Ban Using Recent
  • Tune up Your Malty Scan And Kick Ban Speed
  • Fast Room Manage change and set option
  • Fast Contact List
  • Music Player With Auto Save Play List
  • Protect List
  • Fast Blacklist Auto Add
  • Bad Word List
  • Profile View/Browser
  • Group and Room Management
  • Scan By Id Len and Kick/Ban
  • Unlimited Snap
  • Private Auto Answer
  • Email And More                         
 Download It From Here :  Download AdminSuiteV1.7             

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