Sunday, 7 April 2013

How to enable/disable TELNET on windows 7

Hello Friends, After Getting Idea all the basic Ideas about telnet in my previous post now i will tell you how to enable or disable telnet from your Pc.

Its very easy.

Just follow some of the basic steps..

1. Go to start> Control panel

2. Now Click on " Programs and Features".

3. After going through the program and feature a new tab will apear where you have to click on "Turn Windows features on or off".

4. After that a small windows as shown above will appear. Wait for some time..

5.Now after that you got many options their, just scroll down and Check the two options their-
  • Telnet Client
  • Telnet Server
6.Click OK and weight for few minutes.

Their you are !! Bingo just restart your windows and go to the

start> run> cmd> telnet

press enter.

Bingo ! telnet start running.

For knowing all the basic About Telnet Check >>All Basic Telnet Comands <<

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