Friday, 5 April 2013

Calculator v1 by .$!D - My first Working project

Hello friends, from many dys i m thinking to learn some new languages which is real helful for my new innovative stuffs and by the help of which i can make some new goodies. So to full fill my this desire i thought i have to start with Visual basic6. This is a very interesting language and very much helpful in making my own small purposeful softys.
So after going though some books n eting help with a ll my dear friends i came to know all the very basic things about Viisual Basic6 comanly known as Vb6 n after messing with ome of its
concepts i m standing here with all n all my first well working softwares. :p
One More programming feature that i combine is that Digital watch which display your current timing in it.

Ya its my Own calculator. ( Note- One of the key”Del” isn’t working)

Check it out go through it n enjoy ..

Download My Calculator Exe File:  Download Calculator v1

Download its Source File Here: Download Its SourceFile

Hope it will help you in getting in hand your some of the programming concepts.
Stay with us for some more tutorials.

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