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How to make your own Exe file- Easiest way

helo friends.

In Our daily life when ever we want something new in our laptops, pcs or anything like that, one thing alwys stricks in my mind and that is " where i get "xyz" setup file or we can say ".exe file"- "executable file".

So today i am going to teach you all how to make a .exe file of your own its realy very easy to learn, n i m very much sure that you will lern it by this short tutorial.

Their are many software frm which you can make a
executable file of your own, but instead of using any of them i use to teach you frm "IEXPESS" its a inbuilt software which having patched out in each and every operating system, incding all the windows verions- Xp, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

if you are using Xp go to menu--> All program ---> Run ---> (type) iExpress

if you are a windows 7 or Vista user, simply search ---> iExpress

If you are a windows 8 user use the same procedure ( I hdn't tryed it on windows 8) so get a way to overcome this problem yourself.

Its a very user friendly process  use read instructions carefully and u r on the top of the world !! :D

After this part i had taken from one of the greates website-- -- And I i will very thankfull to the consern author for making it so easy.

How To do it......

The next screen will ask you the type of package you want it to create.
iExpress can create a package that runs a command after it unpacks all files to a temporary location, or only extract the files to a location that the user specifies. The first option is useful if you want to, for example, run a script to make changes to the registry before the user runs your program for the first time.
There is a third option to create compressed files only but that is only applicable if you’re distributing Active-X controls. iExpress displays a handy description below each option so you can read that if you’re still not sure which about which option to select.

The next step is to give a name to the package that you’ll create. Enter the name in the text box and move to the next screen.
make a exe a window
This step will let you display a confirmation message to the user installing the application. If you want to display a message to your user asking for confirmation if he/she wants to go ahead with the installation, then type in a message in the text box provided and when you’re done click Next.
make a exe a window
Now, you will be able to select a license agreement which the installer will ask the user to adhere to. If you have a license agreement for your application, then type it in a text file and provide that here or else select the “Do not display a license“ option and move on.
make a exe a window
This is where you actually select the files that will be installed by the installer that you’re creating. You can select as many files as you want here. Add files to the list by clicking on the Add button.
make exe file
Now, you can safely move forward a few steps and keep clicking on the next button till you come across the Package name and options screen. This is where you select a name for the actual EXE file that gets generated and decide whether you want to hide the extraction process from your users or let them see all the gory details. You can also generate a log files for the installation process.
make exe file
In the next step you can choose to create what iExpress calls a Self Extraction Directive file. This is needed if you want to later change some of the options that you chose and create another modified installer. Since, we don’t want that right now, we’ll choose not to create an SED file.

 This it gys go n Enjoy !!
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