Monday, 8 April 2013

Mozilla FireFox 20.0 Version realsed- Download It Now

Hi Dear Reader, Today I am updating my mozila version from its previous version and that make me eager also to share with you all the latest version of "Mozila FireFox 20.0".

Mozilla is my all time favorite browsers and because of its very flexible features and easy user interface i like it very much.

may be Google Chrome has won the race in the history of browsers but Mozilla always use to give a consistence performance from the beginning. Thats whay all the old internet worms still use to prefer mozila rather then Chrome, Opera and Safari.

Features :-

  1. Browsing in easy way
  2. Improved User Interface
  3. Modified Button window
  4. Easy search option and session restored features has been inproved
  5. Super Speed
  6. Crash Protection
  7. Advance security setuped while browsing
  8. Personalize your own style
  9. Powerful Download Manager
  10. Private Browsing Feature

Download it From Here : Download Mozilla 20.0
                                                                              [size: 20.06 Mb]

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