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World Top 5 hackers- Exclusive

Heya, Now a days Hacking is become the most soft part of this huge cyber world. So for our dear small and cute hackers here is something special for u ..
What is meant by Hacking ?

Hacking means to use a unofficial, undefined path through which a programer can penitrate into a restricted system or any server without knowing the actual path and by the help of different means of his or her knowledge.

  Commonly as we use word "Hacking" the first thing that comes into our mind is that a man setting with different high profile system and trying to screw up inside any bank for getting lots n lots of money. Its quit interesting to here that how a person can do a massive of damage just ny siting in front of his 15 inch screen. haha.. :p

thir are lots of movies which put a light on how a hackers work. But the truth is far behind of that small video clip, in real Hackers are some those brilliant programs that they can cross thir limite. They acuire such a huge knowledge by learning and forcing his mind in such a way that they put the white cover from their mind which help them in seeing beyound our exception and that person refer as "King of Cyber World" ------" Hackers"

They are classified as follows -
1. White Hat Hacker : These hackers are considered as good guys . They don't use their hacking methods for doing illegal things. White hackers will help people from being hacked.

2. Grey Hat Hacker : Grey Hat Hackers are do both good things and bad things. They do legal and illegal things.

3. Black Hat Hacker : Black Hat Hackers are show their skill using hacking websites and stealing passwords and Creating some Trojan Malware Fuctions etc.

Top 5 Computer Hackers Ever

1. Kevin Mitnick

Kevin Mitnick is a most famous hacker. He is the author of two books The Art of Deception The Art of Intrusion. He damaged some Communication networks like Nokia, Motorola and Sun Microsystem etc. Kevin Mitnick has damaged DEC systems source code [Digital Equipment Corporation has spent around $160,000 in cleanup the DEC systems].  To to win a bet he occupied administration privileges to IBM Computers at the Computer Learning center in LA [Los Angeles] .

2. Adrian Lamo
Adrian Lamo is a Grey Hat Hacker. Using his hacking skill he hacked many computer networks like The New York Time, Yahoo, Microsoft .

3. Gary Mckinnon
Gary Mckinnon is a Biggest Military Computer Hacker of all time. In one interview Gary Mckinnon said "Hacked into US military computer systems looking for information about UFO's". He Broken security systems of NASA and Pentagon And using his hacking skill he hacked 97 Computer systems [It damaged around $700,000 to the society].
Source: BBC News

4. Robert Tappan Morris
Robert Tappan Morris is Created the first Computer worm on the Internet in 1988 and named it as Morris WormRobert Tappan Morris now working as Professor at MIT CS and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.

5. Jonathan James
Jonathan James is an American hacker. He damaged NASA Systems, It costed $41,000 to fix the systems. 
Jonathan stealed software from NASA It worth $1.7 Million.

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Source wikipedia


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