Monday, 18 March 2013

Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts

Hey , Good Evening Gys!

Today we use to talk about some new shortcut keys which make your windows 8 experience more simpler and easier

 Windows 8 is usually best if you are a regular internet users because it is designed in such a way through which you can access all the shortcut buttons for reaching u any where in the world.

Their are some shortcut keys for you check it out and gave ur feedback...

Keys :-

1. Windows button + D  = Take you to desktop. If already at desktop it will minimizes all windows.
2. Windows button + I   = Open setting menus.Easy to access to volume, shutdown and other options.
3. Windows button + E  = Open My Computer.
4. Windows Button + X = open system setting shortcut menu. Easy access to control panel.
5. Windows Button + Q = Open apps and program search.


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