Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Cute Converstaion Between Two Lovers

Once A Girl When Having a Conversation With Her Lover,
Girl : Why Do you like Me? Why Do you Love Me?
...Boy : I Can't Tell the Reason.. But I Really like you..
Girl : You Can't Even Tell Me the Reason.. Then How Can you Say
Yew like Me? How Can you Say you Love Me?
Boy : I Really Don't Know the Reason, But I Can Prove
that I Love you..
Girl : Proof? No! I Want you  to Tell Me the Reason, My
Friend's Boyfriend Can Tell her Why He Loves her But, You Can't!
Boy : Ok ..oki!!! Emm.. Couse You are Beautiful,
Because your Voice is Sweet,
Because you are Caring,
Because you are Loving, Because yor are
Thoughtful & Because of your Smile,
Because of your Every Thing..
The Girl Felt Very Satisfied with the Man's Answer..
Unfortunately, A Few Days Later, The Girl Met with an
Accident & Went in Comma..
The Guy then Placed a Letter with her & Here is
the Content:
Darling, Because of your Sweet Voice.. I Love You..
Now Can You Talk? No! Therefore I Cannot Love You..
Because of Your Care & Concern, I Like You..
Now You Cannot Show them, Therefore I Cannot Love
Because of Your Smile, Because of Your Every Thing I Love You..
Now Can You Smile? Now Can You Move?
No, Therefore I Cannot Love You
Source: quotessaying


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