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Best Emulator For your Personal Computer - BlueStack vs Andy vs KOPlayer

A Big Hellow to all Computer Stuffs, Lovers! How you all doing ? Hoping to be all in best of their health. You all must be thinking, what brings me on the deck again? 👀

Let me clear the air, and tell u something about my today's post!
Going short and simple, I am sick of using Bluestack as my PC emulator, as

We all wants to use all of our Mobile stuff, on our PC. But, for this, we gon need a software that converts all our JAR and APK files into PC compatible version. This is where the Andriod Emulator comes into action. 😄

So, What are the choices we have ? 😉

1. BlueStack
3. Andy
4. KOPlayer


Personally, I used BlueStack for quite some time. It is good in its own way, gives you a good environment to manage your apps and simple interface.
BlueStack Home Screen

But, when it comes to consuming your computer resources it just way ahead of all the applications that are running on your system, except those High Definition Games.

The worst part is the advertise that always makes your Bluestack hang in blue and forcing you to Install the recommended app or donate 2$. It just destroys all the fun of using our laptop as Mobile and trying to get something from our free time.

Disadvantages of Bluestacks : 

With many advantages, there also is a major disadvantage of this App Player. It consumes a lot of RAM and increases the CPU usage. This slows down your system and reduces the system’s performance. It also uses the Graphic Card that is available on you PC. You also need to have a Graphic Card on your board in order to install some applications. So, your system needs to withstand its consumption ability to work smooth even when Bluestacks is running. For this reason, I advise you to install Bluestacks only if you have a good hardware configuration.

So, What is the best substitute of our traditional Andriod Emulator ?


KOPlayer Home Screen
In my opinion, it is no other then KOPlayer.

The reason behind rating KOPlayer as 5/5 is it doesn't contain any POPUP ads at all. Neither do ask for Money.

The second best thing what I like about is its cool and lightweight interface, which will make feel like home.

I am providing the Downloading Link for you guys,
Key Features include:
  • Free-to-play downloadable content.
  • Crisp display options on larger screens.
  • Keyboard mapping brings streamlined controls.
  • Record and share gameplay.

Click on it and Enjoy!

Download KOPlayer ::

Andy OS

So, you all were thinking what about Andy, right ? 👻
I never tried that so, can't pass any comments on it! Why don't you guys give it a try so share your feedback in comment section below, so maybe I will get motivated and switch to Andy!

Downloading Link For Andy :

Enjoy Emulating!
Have a great Day, Guys, anything please let me know in the comment section bellow. 😎👍

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