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Top Features Of Windows 8

Windows 8 is the most advanced operating system released by Microsoft. Due to its features windows 8 has been in the discussion since day it was released, some persons like them a lot and some totally dislikes it. Since it was totally different from its predecessors so some users find it difficult that’s why they totally dislike windows 8.
If you have ever tried windows 8 then you also must have missed some features like a start menu, but Microsoft have tried a lot for making its users comfortable with its next level operating system. 
Microsoft already has unveiled the windows 8.1, new version of its windows operating system so you will see that you have got your start menu button back. Another change it that you can skip the start screen boot and set it to desktop boot so whenever you turn on your system you will directly see the desktop rather that start menu, like it was in older version of windows. These were some big changes and every one the internet is talking about these features but still there are some hidden features in windows 8.1 and those features you should definitely know. 

1.)Batch Tile Editing:

Batch tile editing feature lets you manage the group of apps just in one go. With batch editing you can edit, uninstall, pin/unpin and resize more than one app. So now windows are providing this feature, peoples who were complaining about this got their answers. If you want to move your tiles around then this feature will be really helpful for you because with this you can move more than one tile. So this is pretty handy setting.

2.)Changes in All apps screen:

In windows 8.1 you have got an update, Now you can uninstall, Pin and Unpin multiple apps from All apps screen. To do this select the multiple apps from the list and then press uninstall, a conformation will be demanded and also there will be option if you want to uninstall apps from one specific PC or also from the syncd pc’s. So it means if you select any app and you want that app should be removed from all pc’s you are connected with so you can do it with just one click, you don’t need to go to each and every pc one by one and uninstall that app because you can do it with single step.

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3.)Quite Hours:

This feature is newly introduced by Microsoft, in this feature you can set time in between which you don’t want to get disturbed and been already used in ios and Mac OS x (‘do not disturb’). Planning to watch a movie and don’t want to see the notification. This feature will do the rest for you. You just have to provide the time and you will not receive any visual as well as audio notification. They will be muted. After the time period is over you will again start getting the notifications.

4.)Slide to shut down:

Many people find t find shutdown button in their laptops or PC’s because of strange settings and features of windows 8. So if some one have to turn off their device then they must have to either go through setting steps or you can press alt + f4 for your pc so that it will bring a pop up just like old windows versions. But this time windows did some thing different and strange. 
They introduced a new feature slide to shut down. When ever you will slide down windows lock screen your windows device will be turned off, isn’t that cool. Its just like unlocking your screen just slide your screen and your device will be unlocked and in windows you have to slide your screen down and your device will be turned off no more tapping on options just slide it and your device will be turned off. 

5.)File Explorer Changes:

Windows have changed the traditional view of ‘My Computer’. You will see some windows folder on the top just like in windows XP. These folders are like document, downloads, Music etc. And Also your PC is no more named on your specified name. whenever you open My computer you will see, on the place of your Name there is written This PC. Nobody knows if this change is permanent or temp. but File Explorer changes are permanent. Including those folder on the list might get thing easy for some users.
Conclusion: Over All windows 8.1 is the best windows os ever. Its features are amazing and really easy to use. We can see that Microsoft is paying a really serious attention of its users because in its windows 8, people demanded a start button and in their next release they got it. So windows is trying their best to make it their best shot.


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