Monday, 15 July 2013

Dark Mig Messenger [DMM] free [UPDATE]

1. new look
2.Unlimited pvt room gc chat
3.changeable chatbox background chat like bot status room activity logout if kick start for ur id leave gc
9.ignore all pvt chat(help full for avoide pvt boom)
10.mix text chat
11.editable own color
12.on off mig33 homepage after login
13.Avatar in chatbox
14.Ballontip notification
14.songupdate status and room form winamp/aimp/kmp player spy
16.Easy game play batton
17.Auto reply pvt
18.Editable gateway
19.Suport unicode
20.Suport any language(arabic,bangla,hindi etc)
21.Full profile view after login
23.Red/pink/orange id suport search/creat/settings
25.Easy bump and block user in room
26.Friends update
27.All mig33 basic features
28.Browser for surfing
29.Social network
30.Extra emote
Download it From Here: Dark_Mig_Messenger_by_fajiil-

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