Saturday, 15 June 2013

Electrofire v2.1

[Image: Capture13-19-2013-2.22.13-AM.jpg]

[Image: Capture13-19-2013-2.23.44-AM.jpg]

Features :-
1. Follow
2. Avatar vote
3. Like
4. Avatar Comment
   i) Same Comment
   ii) Random Comment
5. Footprint
6. Captcha Fixer
7. Avatar Manager
8. 2000+ preloaded Ids 
How To Use

1) At first login your spy id
** At first Try through Socket Connection if didn’t work then try with Spy Browser **
2) Put Your target id in target box (Mig33Id)
3) Click on Get Code , After get code start your Avatar vote , Avatar Comment
For Follow make sure that target user is online and user’s privacy is Everyone
**Make 100 Ids per set for best use**
** If After Log Your Multi iDs got Captcha Error no need to Fill It**
Download It From Here : Electrofire v2.1

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