Sunday, 23 June 2013

All In One Advertiser v1.2



(*) Single Spy
(*) 3 In One Advertise [pvt / Group Invite / Wc in Room **Popular for Game Room**]
(*) Editable IP / Port
(*) Many Room pvt Ad at a Time
Non Stop Ad [if Finish All User then Start Again]
(*) One Click to Get Multy Room User list
(*) Single ID add For Ad
(*) Own text Ad [No Hidden Text]
(*) Group Invite To Multy Room User
(*) Unlimited Room Userlist Get at a Click
(*) Unlimited Room for Auto wc with own text
(*) Enable/Disable Wc
(*) Alert When kiCked From Room
(*) Save Pvt Add IDs/Room
(*) Save Group Invite IDs/Room
(*) Save Wc Rooms
(*) Auto Load All When Software On
(*) Hope No Suspend Becasue Delay Is Updated !!

Download It From here : Advertiser v1.2 by mj

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