Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Something Really Dangerous[SRD] By mjriody5

 Features :-

1. Unlimited ID load
2. Unlimited ID Login
3. 10 Set ID
4. Unlimited ID per set
5. Fast Login
6. Loaded ID Count
7. 320 Flood Text

8. Own Text Flood
9. Time Flood
10. Emot Change Flood
11. Singel Text
12. Defalt Flood
13. Roll Flood
14. Defalt Roll
15. Own Flood Delay
16. Own Roll Delay
17. Multy Chat
18. Own Multy Chat Txt
19. Own Multy Chat Delay
20. Auto Silence Detector
21. Lock Detector
22. Multy Auto Enter
23. Fast Auto Enter
24. Multy Kick Vote
25. Spy Login
26. Spy Chat Colorful
27. Room List Spy
28. Mobile Command
29. Minimize in Tray
30. Fast Spy Login
31. 3 Types theme
32. Shortcut key For Multy Load and Login

 Mobile Commands:-

.about [about software]
.yo [active commander]
.help [show all commands]
.lms1 – .lms10 [load multy set 01 to 10]
.loaded [check how many multy loaded]
.log [login multy]
.ame=1 [on auto multy enter]
.ame=0 [off auto multy enter]
.ame [check multy enter status]
.amkv=1 [on auto multy kick vote]
.amkv=0 [off auto multy kick vote]
.amkv [check multy kick vote status]
.fme=1 [on fast multy enter
.fme=0 [off fast multy enter]
.fme [check fast multy enter status]
.sd=1 [on silence detector]
.sd=0 [off silence detector]
.sd [check silence detector status]
.ld=1 [on lock detector]
.ld=0 [off lock detector]
.ld [lock detector status]
.mc=1 [on multy chat]
.mc=0 [off multy chat]
.mc [check multy chat status]
.ftxt=Text [set flood text]
.froom=Roomname [set flood room name]
.join [enter multy in room]
.left [leave multy from room]
.snd [send one text]
.fstart [start flood]
.fstop [stop flood]
.cstart [start count flood]
.cstop [stop count flood]
.tstart [start time flood]
.tstop [stop time flood]
.estart [start emot flood]
.estop [stop emot flood]
.dstart [start defalt flood]
.dstop [stop defalt flood]
.rstart [start roll flood]
.rstop [stop roll flood]
.drstart [start defalt roll flood]
.drstop [stop defalt roll flood]
.fi=Text [set flood interval]
.ri=Text [set roll interval]
.mcd=Text [set multy chat delay]
.kt=Username [set kick username]
.kick [kick]

Download It From Here: SRD By Mj

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