Tuesday, 5 March 2013

T3rmin4t0rz Online Admin & Staff Checker By Cute_Bachi

[FREE]T3rmin4t0rz Online Admin & Staff Checker 

 T3rmin4t0rz Online Admin & Staff Checker Features:

Online/Busy Admins Checker
Online/Busy Staffs Checker

Load Multi Option
Mobile Controler
Get Rum List In Rum Via Mobile Controler
Get Online Admin List In Rum Via Mobile Controler
Get Online Staff List In Rum Via Mobile Controler
Save Mobile Controler ID Option
Load Mobile Controler ID Option 

Mobile Controler Commands:

=help (For Get All Commands In Chatroom)
list=chatroom name (For Get Room User List)
=adminlist (For Get Admin List)
=stafflist (For Get Staff List)
ban=ID Name (For Group Banned)
uban=ID Name (For Group Unbanned) 
rban=ID Name (For Room Banned)
ruban=ID Name (For Room Unbanned)
t=Text (For Chat In Room With Bot ID)
add=ID Name (For ADD Helper)
rem=ID Name (For Remove Helper)

Download Link:
Download From Here: Online Admin and Staff Checker


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