Thursday, 14 March 2013

pakistan 100k Facebook Account is Leaked by Afghan haxor

Hello Cyberworld,
We all know about the world most popular website "Facebook" where more then 700 millions of users use to hang out chanting,gaming and lots of other stuffs hole day long. However the owner of the Facebook "MarkZukan Berg" clarify it the world most safest website for all of us, and after so
much of coding revolutions may it was or we can say it is accoring to all the professional security incharge all ober the world in this cyber world. But thier are alwys some exception that comes out over time to time in all fields ...

Here it is , Just before couple of days ago in Afghanistan such a incidence comes out and "Afgani Hackers " commonly know as "ACA" has hacked Facebook and more then 100 thousands of users where defected  by it.

 To check Our More detail about it, Click on the below Link ..


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