Saturday, 2 March 2013

Simple Admin Tool By Cute_Bachi

[FREE]Simple Admin Tool By Cute_Bachi

Simple Admin Tool Features:

Auto Pvt Reply
BadWords Detected
50 Mods Working At A Time
WEB Menu
Gorup Ban/Group Unban/Kick
Error Logs
View Profile
ADD Moderator/DeModerator
Block/Unblock User
Mail Checker
Winamp In Room
Status Message Changer
Auto Status Changer
Invite All
Auto Action When Multi Detector
Announce On/Off
Winamp Status UpDater
Room Chat
Auto Status Changer
Protect All IDs Option
Lock/UnLock Room
Ping Ip/Port
Length Flood Detector
Presence Changer
Equal/Less/Block level Dector

Kick And Group Ban Option

Download Link:

  Download It From Here :     Smart Admin


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