Sunday, 11 October 2015

A New Era Has Begin - Professional Journey -

Hola Mates,
 How are you all doing?
  Its been while, Mates! I am totally out of the cycle ... Its not that I don't want to blog have fun in the huge diversifying cyber world. Its more of a pressure that all engineer have to face ones in a while. We have to quit everything just focused on enhancing and honing our technical and soft skills through any means possible.
Some day we have to sit whole day on our laptop searching for different courses, links and all the useful study materials that gown help us in any way possible. Another day we are busy in looking for the jobs that suit our passion our skill set and most important of all is our economical needs.

I am no different from all the other of my mates, I was following the same predefined path from the past 3 months I suppose. Just before one month from now I got a job as a software developer in a Company, due to some reason I am not gown mention the name of my first employment.

Trust me when I see this, the things that I learnt their and the friends that I have they all are dam awesome. Not only because they are friendly and very helpful in nature but each one of them got a particular set of skills. That team really gown rock the whole organisation. May be comes our to be the best team on the board. Although, I am no longer on board with them but still I miss each and every moment we had together. "
""Best Mates I EVER had :) "

Now after having couple of restless day of thinking and analyzing the whole scenario, I took a decisions. Don't know this one is right or wrong until unless I had my self satisfaction with 'my new Job.

Let See what the future brings in! Just hopping for the best.

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