Saturday, 5 October 2013

How to crack a software using CRACKDLL 3.1 ?


Hi Friends, its been almost about quarter year has been passed out and i am not posting anything on my hub. Today i am sharing how to crack a trail version software and make it into full version. But before you go through the tutorial one thing i want to make it clear that i dsn"t tested this software till. So go through this tutorial and make sure it is working well.

Steps :

Close the software you want to crack.   Download It From Here : CrackedDLL 3.1
  1.  Go to the installation folder.(Usually 'C:\Program Files\"name"'
  2. Close all the other folders.
  3. Launch 'CrackedDLL'(See tips for more info).
  4. Once started click 'Scan Open Folder'.
  5. CrackedDLL will display the 'security' DLL.
  6. After you see a Green Check Mark click modify selected DLL.
  7. Read and Agree to the terms.
  8. Wait for the process to finish, once finished a message will be displayed.
  9. Relaunch the software you want to crack.
  10. The software is now cracked.


If the crack didn't work

  1. If you did the above steps and the crack didn't work restart your computer.
  2. The software is now cracked.
  3. In case of any problems repeat the steps from the start

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