Monday, 11 February 2013

Next Generation iPhone Design Schemes On Apple’s Mind – Make Way for Some Color

There would be no doubt to say that Apple iPhone has created a great impact on the mind of its users worldwide. Its success has been almost phenomenal that has also seen a flurry of changes in devices from other companies as well. Despite design variations that have been seen across versions, color has always remained constant – the all black model and the all white models.

•iPhone Accessories and Devices:-
The choice of colors has been the same even for accessories of the devices – both iPhone and the iPad ranges. When it came to the size of the iPhone and the tabs, no major changes or variations have been made available. In fact besides the knowledge of the difference in features you will find it difficult to ascertain between different versions of the iPhone or the iPad; it is only on a closer look that you can find the slimmer dimensional features available in the latest versions.
•New Color Schemes For Next Gen iPhones:
The market is abuzz with news of colors being a part of the next gen iPhone range. Apple has decided to give them a splash of colors that will quite naturally enhance the vibrancy and colored effects on the otherwise stylish designs of the phones. Interestingly the color change that has been incorporated in images seen across the internet clearly indicates changes in the main frame of the device that runs along the entire side. The front and rear sides of the phone and tab will also vary in their shades. As many as eight colors are predicted to enter the world of Apple iPhone and iPad – white, black, slate, pink, blue and silver.
•Next Gen iPhones New Size Variations:
The Next Gen iPhones will also get a change in their screen size. So far, Apple has made single sized devices available both for the iPhone and the iPad. However with their forthcoming launches there is a change anticipated in the sphere of size dimensions as well. Three sizes are expected in the screen sizes of the devices. One will be 3.5 inch and the second will be the 4 inch screen size which is also the one available with the iPhone 5 model; the third size will be bigger than the currently 4 inch screen which will showcase a bigger display area.
•Market Speculations On Apple Decision:
The forthcoming releases from Apple are expected around the summer months of May and June.It will also mark a period of one year after their last release – the Apple iPhone 5. There is a lot of speculation about the reasons that are working behind the company’s decision to introduce colors and especially the size variations. While some note that this is a move mostly aimed at maintaining the company’s presence in the market owing to excessive competition that has been consistently present there are others that see this as setting the grounds for another launch of the iPhone series. The changes could be an apt means of checking consumer reactions and market trends.


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