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HR Interview Questions and Answers [Must Read]

Tell me about yourself.

Good morning sir/madam,

I am Divya from perambur.

I finished my schooling in Bosco Academy with a percentage of 84 in 10th and 85 in 12th.

I completed my engineering in vel tech engineering college with a percentage of 78.

My family consist of 4 members,

My father is a traffic police.

My mother is a homemaker.

I have a younger brother.

Coming to my strength and weakness,

I am a quick learner and self-motivating person. I can cope up with any kind of Circumstances. I will always try to make others happy and cheerful.

Sometimes I become little emotional but I assure you that I can control it.

Coming to my hobbies,

I like playing carom and throw ball.
I like to listen melodious music which keep me calm when I am emotional.
I like to help poor people.

Coming to my skills,

I have knowledge about various programming languages like ORACLE, C++ and JAVA.

Thats all about myself.

Thank you.

Good Morning to everyone,

Its a great privilege to introduce myself in front of you all.

My name is Sreeleela and I am from Hyderabad. I believe in the philosophy that "In life whatever or whoever may betray us but our hard work never does. " and I have learnt this from my father.

My Educational Qualifications are I completed my btech from xyz college with 71%, my intermediate from abc with 83% and my schooling from abc school with 82%.

Coming to my family, we are of 5 members my father works in xyz, my mother a homemaker and I have one elder sister and one younger sister.

My Technical skills are I have good knowledge in Java J2EE.

My hobbies are reading books, dancing and playing badminton.

I am very straight forward which is my strength and my weakness too.

That's all about me,

Thank you.

Why should I hire you?

Sir! I am a fresher with no experience but with a positive energy propping out of me to work with full dedication & perseverance. As said a bird won't soar the heights until left to fly. So if would get the opportunity will leave no stone unturned with my talent and efforts and will prove myself in the development of the organisation and for my self growth.

I need a platform where I can put my skills and knowledge into best use, I am hardworking by nature and I am quickly adaptable to any environment where in I get ample growth opportunities and can showcase my talent to contribute myself for the company's growth.

Well sir as I am a student with all qualities which are require for this job as I am the capability to handle any situation without being depressed, I can also lead the team and also can work under someone you can see from my documents that I have also good in my studies and I am also a sportsman I can give demonstration about something I am the most appropriate candidate for this job.

Why do you want to work at our company?

Because I have the guts and confidence to do my duties and responsibilities well, and it is also here, where I can utilize my skills, knowledge and capabilities in a way that I can use my communication and computer skills in handling calls. That's the reason why I want to work at your company.

As I am fresher I have only enough knowledge. But knowledge is wasted until-unless it gets direction. By working in your reputed MNC my knowledge get appropriate direction and I will learn real time work from your company.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

My strengths being Dedicated to my work, patience, leadership, punctual, can adjust in any environment easily.

Weakness are if I indulge in doing some work, I forget about the time, trust people easily, feel restless until my work is been finished.


My loyalty,
Keen to learn,
Never blame someone else for my failure,
Willingness to lend a helping hand.


I expect too much from myself,
Workaholic, and it sometimes affects my sleep.
I don't work under pressure,
Willingness to lend a helping hand,
Always put work first.

My strength are:

1. Hard working & smart working.

2. An optimistic and having self confidence.

3. Punctual, Sympathy and honesty are my qualities.

4. I am stupid in success even my aim is very high.


I think my weakness are my strength for example I speak loudly, trust anyone easily.

What is the difference between confidence and over confidence?

  This question regarding interview.
Why another example.

If you select me I will try to do my best its"confidence".

If you select me definitely I will do my best its" Overconfidence".

New company As a fresher or Experience both candidates are same,
Its good impression when you say.

'Over confidence' has one word more than 'Confidence'.

Trying for this kind of different example is Confidence.
Thinking this is the Smartest answer is Over Confidence.

Confidence in the sense feeling that he can do anything without any obstacles. If so he can overcome that using his knowledge.

Over confidence in the sense he is not knowledgeable but he shown to be a wise person.

What are your goals?


My short term goal is to get a job in good organization to improve my carrier path.

My long term goal is to be in a respectable position in that organization.

My goal in life is to always learn new skills and to apply them at work or at home or at social level that can make a positive difference in lives of the people.

Sir, Truly saying my goal of doing engineering is to place in a well developed company like yours. Also that well developed company offer job for me by believing my hard work. So my next goal is to work hard and sincerely for my company who believed me and I am sure I will reach my goal soon.

Would you lie for the company?

  I am not in favour of telling a lie as it's not a solution of a problem but it leads one away from finding the solution because after telling lie, one thinks if I catch, what will happen, so he/she thinks to hide that lie with another one. Thus one wastes time for making excuses instead of solving problem.

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